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   The 16th Yunfu International Stone Materials Sci & Tech Fair and The 10th Yunfu Stone Cultural Festival will be held from October 18th to 21st, 2019 in Foshan(Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park,Silao Town,Yuncheng District, Yunfu, . The exhibition area reaches 80,000 square meters. Visitors will exceed the number of50,000. Stone blocks, natural & man-made stone products, stone crafts products as well as stone processing equipment and accessories, etc. from domestic and abroad will be exhibited.

With stone as the media, with culture as the soul, we will strengthen both hard and soft construction of the Fair, and strive to make it the biggest in China and the first-class professional stone and crafts exhibition in the world. We sincerely invite stone and crafts companies to attend the Fair, and carry business talks for more business opportunities by cooperation!



   Granite, marble blocks and slabs, artificial stone, micro-crystalline stone, synthetic stone products; Mosaic, parquet, fireplace, cabinet board, lines, wash basin and shaped stone, slate, grave stone and other stone products; garden landscape stone, queer stone, carving stone, jade stone, jewelry and other related crafts cultural products;

Stone processing machinery, stone mining equipment and processing tools, testing instruments and other large machinery products;

Stone protection products, sizing agent, diamond saw blade, abrasive and other auxiliary materials; professional stone material, design and construction technology, scientific research achievements, industry websites and media.



Host Units:

        People's Government of Yunfu Municipality

        Culture Department of Guangdong Province

        Guangdong Committee of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade                     



        People's Government of Yuncheng District, Yunfu Municipality

        People's Government of Yun'an District, Yunfu Municipality

        State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Yunfu Municipality  

        Bureau of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio, Film, Television and Copyright of Yunfu Municipality

        Yunfu Yunshi Stone Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.



Yunfu Stone Chamber of Commerce

       Yunfu Machinery Industry Association

       Yunfu Youth Stone Culture Industrial Exchange & Promotion Association         

       Yunfu Arts and Crafts Industry Association

       Yunfu Ornamental Stone Association

       Yun’an Stone Chamber of Commerce


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